Data Cabling Installation

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Location: Waipio, Hi

Here’s another customer who contracted us to remove the old Cat5 Cabling and replace with a new Cat6 Cabling. It’s essential for a business to upgrade network Cabling to keep up with higher bandwidth and faster network.

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Cat6 / Cat5e Installation

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To make a big wiring job go quicker, you can pull from multiple boxes at the same time. If you have multiple drops going into the same gang box, or even the same room, you can make the task go quicker by purchasing multiple boxes of Cat 5 / Cat 6 wire and pull them simultaneously making the job go multiple times quicker. 

 If you know that you are going to need to use multiple boxes of wire anyway, why not make things go quicker by pulling 2, 4 or even 8 wires at the same time.

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Office Cabling Installation – Computer & Telephone

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Location: Smith & Brener

Here’s another Cabling project. We have done so countless number of installation in Hawaiian chain island and it feels just like another day in the office.

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VoIP Telephone Cabling Installations 

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Here’s another patch panel Termination. As you can see, the cable are dress nicely into the rack.

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Network Cabling Installation – Office Wiring

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Here’s another office cabling installations. We are assigned to rewire this new office.

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Network Cabling Installations

Communications and data is the heartbeat of any office. Taken in that context, your office cabling is the lifeline that sustains, supplying both power and a conduit for the vital data that drives your business.
While that statement probably makes office cabling sound much more romantic than it really is, it’s still an integral component of your day-to-day function, and for that reason it’s important to get it right.
Office cabling serves several purposes, but essentially, it carries power and data signals to the appropriate equipment.
Voice and data cabling transmits internet signal, data transfer and telecommunications
Power cabling carries electricity to power your utilities and devices

Network cabling can also carry power to certain devices (also known as power over internet, or PoE)

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