VoIP Telephone Cabling Installations 

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Here’s another patch panel Termination. As you can see, the cable are dress nicely into the rack.

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Network Cabling Installation – Office Wiring

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Here’s another office cabling installations. We are assigned to rewire this new office.

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Network Cabling Installations

Communications and data is the heartbeat of any office. Taken in that context, your office cabling is the lifeline that sustains, supplying both power and a conduit for the vital data that drives your business.
While that statement probably makes office cabling sound much more romantic than it really is, it’s still an integral component of your day-to-day function, and for that reason it’s important to get it right.
Office cabling serves several purposes, but essentially, it carries power and data signals to the appropriate equipment.
Voice and data cabling transmits internet signal, data transfer and telecommunications
Power cabling carries electricity to power your utilities and devices

Network cabling can also carry power to certain devices (also known as power over internet, or PoE)

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Office Cabling Installations

Looking for computer networking cabling? Just a new networking point, problems with your office networking, or new IP phone points?
The patch panel Smart Tech Hawaii helps businesses with their Cat5e office network cabling, external cabling and advanced data cabling.
We are experienced at fault finding your existing networks and working with your IT teams to diagnose issues with your data network cabling, based from our offices in Hawaii.
Whether you’re looking to deploy a new network installation, or require help expanding your existing data solution, we are the experts who will be delighted to provide consultation and surveys to establish your needs.

Loose_CableWe can also provide quotes for installing additional points in small businesses, as well as cabling installations for your office, restaurant, shop or warehouse.
We are experienced in providing external Cat5 and Cat6 cabling for linking buildings, and can work with you to establish microwave links on your sites.
With no ties to specific cabling manufacturers or suppliers, we are able to provide the best possible price, whilst helping you on a one-to-one basis.
Experienced, Accredited and Insured, Smart Tech Hawaii is the perfect choice for your data cabling and networking requirements.
For a free quotation, to discuss your requirements or for advice, please contact us by email info@smarttechhawaii.com

Fiber Optic Contractor – Termination & Splicing

Fiber Optic cabling design and installation services

Fiber optic cabling is rapidly replacing copper cabling installation due to its many advantages. Here are just a few reasons our customers have chosen to switch from copper cables to fibre optic cables:

  • Greater Bandwidth and consistent performance
  • Ability to move data faster over greater distances
  • Improved security
  • Reliability and resilience to environmental factors
  • Smaller lightweight cables take up less space
  • Ability to facilitate migration into the network in planned upgrades
  • Lower on-going maintenance costs

Smart Tech Hawaii’s team of highly trained fibre optic engineers offer a full range of fiber optic cabling design and installation services including:

  • Single Mode (SMF) or Multimode Fibre (MMF)
  • Supplying and terminating fibre optic cable
  • Perform repairs to existing fibre optic cabling
  • Audit your current fibre optic infrastructure
  • Fiber to the Desk (FTTD)
  • Rodent resistant and armoured installation

Our highly experienced engineers also have the resource, skills and equipment to splice fiber optic cables as well as repair and test severed or damaged cables, for any size of fiber optic installation, anywhere within the Hawaii.

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Data Cabling – Office Wiring Installation

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Location: Honolulu Hawaii

Here’s another Completed Project conducted at downtown Honolulu.   Should you have any questions or want to schedule a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us @808-270-5034.

Data Cabling Installation – Office Network Wiring

#hawaii Network Cabling Installation #hawaii cat5e installation #hawaii office cabling installation 

Here’s anothe office that needed a cat5e Cabling for their computers and phone. Client relocated to a new office and needed a new cabling.  This job needed at least 2 days to complete.  

If you are planning to move to a new office, please don’t hesitate to contact us @ 808-270-5034.

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