Warehouse Security Camera – Lihue Kauai

Project: Install 2 Outdoor Camera

Company: Fresh Island & Fish

Our team was contacted to install 2 outdoor security camera in Kauai. Customer wanted to monitor their company car that are park outside the warehouse.

On this installation, we proposed 2 Bullet Camera with 4 megapixel aiming through the parking lot and outside perimeter. We also installed PVC flexible conduit to protect the wiring.

For free estimate, please call and leave a message to our voicemail system to schedule an appointment @ 808-270-5034.

Audio Visual, Point of Sale Network Cabling & Security Camera

Project: Quicksilver

Location: Waikoloa, Hawaii

This project was very fun not only we got to travel but we got to do everything from this store. We installed speakers, video wall, network cabling & Security Camera.

We are one stop shop that capable of doing every low voltage on the list. For free estimate and consultation, call 808-270-5034.

Surveillance Camera Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Here’s another security camera installation we have completed to one of the homeowner. Neighborhood had high numbers of burglary report in the area and decided to take an extra measure to protect his home and family.

For free consultation or estimate, please contact us to schedule.

Home Security Camera Installation

Here’s another example of a successful surveillance camera install. Our CCTV camera installer normally complete 8 camera install within 2 days with internet access.

If you’re thinking of having some security camera installed in your home, we are more than welcome to give you a free consultation on what type of cameras might work for your situation.

Security Camera Installation Service

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Here’s a recent security camera installation from an apartment complex in Honolulu. Their old cameras are very outdated so we were assigned to change the whole surveillance systems with new conduit to protect the cable.

For free consultation or estimate, please call 808-270-5034

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