Network Cabling Installation

If you’re running lots of new cabling drops, it’s always ideal to have as much cable boxes as much as possible. It help you save time and money of running more hours of manpower. The extra leftover cable can be used on the next project. 

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Data Cabling Installation

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Location: Waipio, Hi

Here’s another customer who contracted us to remove the old Cat5 Cabling and replace with a new Cat6 Cabling. It’s essential for a business to upgrade network Cabling to keep up with higher bandwidth and faster network.

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Network Cabling Installation – Planning 

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Location: Hawaiian Air Cargo

The cabling engineers of Smart Tech Hawaii gearing up for another Cabling project.  Planning on a project help eliminate potential hiccups that may delay a project.

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Data Office Cabling Installations

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Office network data cabling is an essential part of any design and build, office fit out or commercial property refurbishment project. From server rooms and data outlets to network Category 5e and 6 cabling installations, Smart Tech has the experienced data cabling installers that can help you plan the most suitable cabling infrastructure for your existing or new property.

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Network Rack Telecom – Network Cabling Installation

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Here’s another finish project. Customer’s new office space needed new Cat6 wiring for their new office space in downtown.

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Network & Data Cabling Installations – Office Rewire

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Here’s another Data Cabling Installation we are happy to be part of.  Customer wanted to upgrade their Cabling system because of their network problem.

Daisy chaining switch after switch is not a smart move. It will cause problems once one of the switch goes bad. Make it a habit to make a straight line from point A to point B.

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Office Cabling – Network Wiring Contractor

Here’s another project we just completed. Whenever you are planning to rewire your office. It’s important to have a plan and have an extra cable per workstation for redundancy.

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