Data Cabling Clean-up : Honolulu, Hawaii

Project: Structured Cabling Rack Cleanup

Here’s another project that we got called upon to clean an existing cable rack. Most of the messy cable rack we’ve seen have something in common. Most of these Network rack had patch cords that is too long. Longer patch cord will cause a messy rack.

We change the patch cords and organize all the wires. As a result, now see a better and clean looking rack. If you’re Network rack need a clean-up, please book an appointment for free consultation.

Sports Bar Audio Visual Installation

Opening a Sports Bar or Restaurant takes a lot of work. It’s very important to have the right Audio Video setup.

When a customer comes to your restaurant or sports bar, above all else they are seeking an enjoyable experience. Audio and Video play a big part of that experience and it’s important to invest to have the best possible sounds system for your customers to keep coming back.

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Audio Visual, Point of Sale Network Cabling & Security Camera

Project: Quicksilver

Location: Waikoloa, Hawaii

This project was very fun not only we got to travel but we got to do everything from this store. We installed speakers, video wall, network cabling & Security Camera.

We are one stop shop that capable of doing every low voltage on the list. For free estimate and consultation, call 808-270-5034.

Network Cabling Installation – Week 12

Project: Network Rack Cleanup

Tech: Rick

Here’s another Cabling project wiring cleanup. We used some wire managers and smaller patch cord to keep the rack looking neat and easy to troubleshoot.

Overtime, IT has a tendencies to use longer patch cord overtime and resulted to a big messy pile of patch cords.

For any cabling install, please send us an email to our contact us now links to schedule a free Estimate.

Why Costco camera is cheaper? Security Camera Installation

This is the question we get a lot from our customer. My first answer to this question is another question. Are we comparing the same specs? Costco is selling more of the analog type DVR camera systems Compare to what we selling which is IP based camera system.

So why IP based more expensive than analog DVR system.

  • IP based eliminate of having electro magnetic interference (EMI) compare to DVR systems. Most of the time, a static video is caused by EMI on the cabling from nearby electric Cabling such as romex.
  • IP based give you the edge of clean and crisp video because of uninterfered signal contrary vs analog DVR

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Network Cabling Installation – Week of 2/18/2018

Here’s another Completed Network Cabling Installation for the week of 2/18/2018. Customer asked us to install their Cabling along with placing their switches and router. All the patch panel labeled coordinated to its wall Plate for ease of troubleshooting and identification.

If you have an upcoming project, please contact us for free Estimate & consultation.

Home Theater Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Here’s a recent home theater installation on the day of Super Bowl. Customer is in the process of moving in to their newly purchased condo and needed to have their 75′ TV Install with soundbar. As you can see, we were able to have it completed just before the game started.

For free Estimate or consultation, please contact for appointment.

Surveillance Camera Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Here’s another security camera installation we have completed to one of the homeowner. Neighborhood had high numbers of burglary report in the area and decided to take an extra measure to protect his home and family.

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Why you should change your Cat5 to Cat5e?

This week we have a client that ask us why should they consider changing their old Cat5 to Cat5e Cable. The Cat5e is made to support gigabit speeds so in other words, it’s faster than Cat5. It also decrease interference between Cabling.

For more info, free consultation or estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you plan out your next project.

Home Security Camera Installation

Here’s another project we just completed on the week of 1/28/2018 in Kapahulu area. As you can see, the camera is on 2.1 MP using power over Ethernet technology. If you’re looking to get a new system, please only go with IP camera and it will make your life easier. The Power over Ethernet has no static and the picture are very clear.

For more info or free Estimate, please contact us for appointment.

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