Home Theater Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Here’s a recent home theater installation on the day of Super Bowl. Customer is in the process of moving in to their newly purchased condo and needed to have their 75′ TV Install with soundbar. As you can see, we were able to have it completed just before the game started.

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Surveillance Camera Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Here’s another security camera installation we have completed to one of the homeowner. Neighborhood had high numbers of burglary report in the area and decided to take an extra measure to protect his home and family.

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Why you should change your Cat5 to Cat5e?

This week we have a client that ask us why should they consider changing their old Cat5 to Cat5e Cable. The Cat5e is made to support gigabit speeds so in other words, it’s faster than Cat5. It also decrease interference between Cabling.

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Home Security Camera Installation

Here’s another project we just completed on the week of 1/28/2018 in Kapahulu area. As you can see, the camera is on 2.1 MP using power over Ethernet technology. If you’re looking to get a new system, please only go with IP camera and it will make your life easier. The Power over Ethernet has no static and the picture are very clear.

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Security Camera Install

Here’s another project we recently completed. Customer select to have the wiring covered with conduit instead of expose wiring. There are lots of benefits of covering your wiring. Sometimes spending a little more money can protect your wiring in the long run.

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New Office Set-Up? Network Cabling Install

Moving to a new office? We can help you setup your Network Cabling for your computer and telephone. Make sure you hired the right contractor such Cabling setup can be a pain to install after you move in to your office. To minimize any interruption, you can choose do it right the first time.

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Network Cabling Installation – Office Wiring

Here’s a network cabling setup we completed in the past. We have been doing Cabling since 2000 and we have seen everything. We can assist you with Move, Add or Changes to your Cabling or new office setup.

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Office & Warehouse – Network Cabling Installation

Here’s one of the completed project on the 2nd week of 2018. Client approached us wanted to get a free quote for 26 Cat6 cable installation. To their surprise, Smart Tech Hawaii quoted them the lowest with a double to triple price from different company.

Our price is based on lower overhead and we tried to pass the savings to our customer. For free consultation or estimate, please contact Smart Tech Hawaii.

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