Surveillance Camera Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Project: 8 Camera Installation

Here’s an 8 Camera Installation that was completed recently in the Kalihi area. Our customer contacted us to monitor his business after hours.

On this installation, we have installed HIK Vision USA 16 Channel NVR with the room for expansion in case they want to add more cameras in the future. On the cameras, we have installed 8 POE cameras with 4 megapixel.

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Security Camera Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Project: Commercial Property Security Camera

Here’s one of the latest security camera installation we just completed in the Honolulu Area. Client want to monitor who goes in/out of their office during work hours and off hours.

With so the rising numbers of break-ins in today’s world, it’s ideal to have a camera on the main entry point of the building. For free consultation or estimate, please call 808-270-5034.

License Plate Recognition Camera Installation

Project: Security Camera Installation

Customer contacted us to install LPR also known as License Plate Recognition Camera. There have been numerous break-in on their street so they have decided enough is enough and they are motivated to catch the culprit on taking the 1st step to catch the License Plate of all the cars that goes in and out on their street.

A license plate camera is a special camera that can catch License Plate from a moving car whether during the day or night. Most of the customers are thinking putting a camera is enough. All cameras are not created equal. There are smart cameras on the market that can help deter or stop burglary from happening by receiving real time alerts.

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Kiosk Security Camera Installation – Waikiki

Project: Install Security Camera on Kiosk Cart to monitor customer’s safety and protect the Kiosk from being burglarize.

Solutions: Install a HIK Vision USA Network IP systems for performance and looks. It is very important to keep the looks while altering the Kiosk to install a Security Camera.

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Why Costco camera is cheaper? Security Camera Installation

This is the question we get a lot from our customer. My first answer to this question is another question. Are we comparing the same specs? Costco is selling more of the analog type DVR camera systems Compare to what we selling which is IP based camera system.

So why IP based more expensive than analog DVR system.

  • IP based eliminate of having electro magnetic interference (EMI) compare to DVR systems. Most of the time, a static video is caused by EMI on the cabling from nearby electric Cabling such as romex.
  • IP based give you the edge of clean and crisp video because of uninterfered signal contrary vs analog DVR

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Surveillance Camera Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Here’s another security camera installation we have completed to one of the homeowner. Neighborhood had high numbers of burglary report in the area and decided to take an extra measure to protect his home and family.

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Home Security Camera Installation

Here’s another project we just completed on the week of 1/28/2018 in Kapahulu area. As you can see, the camera is on 2.1 MP using power over Ethernet technology. If you’re looking to get a new system, please only go with IP camera and it will make your life easier. The Power over Ethernet has no static and the picture are very clear.

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Security Camera Install

Here’s another project we recently completed. Customer select to have the wiring covered with conduit instead of expose wiring. There are lots of benefits of covering your wiring. Sometimes spending a little more money can protect your wiring in the long run.

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Home Security Camera Installation

Here’s a recent home security camera installation. With the recent numbers of crime rate in Hawaii, it’s just a wise thing to have your home protected by any intruders. Our Camera is setup with motion detection so you could get an alert on your smart phone.

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