Network Cabling Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Project: Network Cabling Install

Here’s a recent project from downtown Honolulu. Our firm was contacted to help with their new office Cabling Install. As the picture shows, you will see a completed network rack & Cabling.

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Fiber Optic Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Project: Fiber Optic Termination

Here’s one of our recent project in Honolulu Hawaii. Customer ran their own cable and just needed our termination expertise.

A fiber Optic is very essential for any network that has 325ft or more in between switches or workstation. Any cable ran with more than 325ft does not comply to BICSI cable standard and will cause to slow down on systems thus require a fiber optic to be installed.

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Data Cabling Installation – Waikiki Office

Project: Network Cabling Installation

Here’s a recent cabling project that was completed in the Waikiki area. As usual, we have pulled all the cabling from workstation through patch panel.

At the conclusion of this project, we connected a short patch cord from patch panel to switches to achieve that clean look. Many IT have the habits of just plugging in all type of patch cord length. Overtime, installing all this unorganized patch cord result in what people called spaghetti mess.

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Network Cabling Installation – Week 12

Project: Network Rack Cleanup

Tech: Rick

Here’s another Cabling project wiring cleanup. We used some wire managers and smaller patch cord to keep the rack looking neat and easy to troubleshoot.

Overtime, IT has a tendencies to use longer patch cord overtime and resulted to a big messy pile of patch cords.

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Network Cabling Installation – Week of 2/18/2018

Here’s another Completed Network Cabling Installation for the week of 2/18/2018. Customer asked us to install their Cabling along with placing their switches and router. All the patch panel labeled coordinated to its wall Plate for ease of troubleshooting and identification.

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Network Cabling Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Here’s an ongoing office Cabling project in Honolulu. We are pre-pulling about 130 Cat6 Cabling on this project. It’s important to any Cabling project to pre-pull any Cabling before the ceiling and Wall close out to prevent any alteration once the wall and ceiling is up.

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Why you should change your Cat5 to Cat5e?

This week we have a client that ask us why should they consider changing their old Cat5 to Cat5e Cable. The Cat5e is made to support gigabit speeds so in other words, it’s faster than Cat5. It also decrease interference between Cabling.

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New Office Set-Up? Network Cabling Install

Moving to a new office? We can help you setup your Network Cabling for your computer and telephone. Make sure you hired the right contractor such Cabling setup can be a pain to install after you move in to your office. To minimize any interruption, you can choose do it right the first time.

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Network Cabling Installation – Office Wiring

Here’s a network cabling setup we completed in the past. We have been doing Cabling since 2000 and we have seen everything. We can assist you with Move, Add or Changes to your Cabling or new office setup.

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Office & Warehouse – Network Cabling Installation

Here’s one of the completed project on the 2nd week of 2018. Client approached us wanted to get a free quote for 26 Cat6 cable installation. To their surprise, Smart Tech Hawaii quoted them the lowest with a double to triple price from different company.

Our price is based on lower overhead and we tried to pass the savings to our customer. For free consultation or estimate, please contact Smart Tech Hawaii.

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