Home Theater Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Here’s a recent home theater installation on the day of Super Bowl. Customer is in the process of moving in to their newly purchased condo and needed to have their 75′ TV Install with soundbar. As you can see, we were able to have it completed just before the game started.

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Video Wall Installation

Here’s another installation we have completed in the past for Quicksilver in Maui. A videowall presentation is a great way to explain your branding to your in-store customer. A videowall can have a lot of usage but the most important is they added an extra luxury look to your store.

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Audio Visual Network Rack Installation

Here’s one of our ongoing project. We just got the network rack installed this past weekend to manage all the wiring, devices, switches and internet.

The CCTV NVR can also be installed here as the network rack is big enough for future expansion.

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Videowall Setup – Audio Visual Experts

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Here’s another glimpse of one of our audio visual project. As you can see, the foundation is laid out for the upcoming videowall installation. We can help you with any upcoming videowall project. From supplying to Mounting, we can do it with the best price in the entire state of Hawaii.

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Videowall Installer – Conference Room Installation

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Here’s one of the recent installation. Here we installed 4 X 55 Video Wall monitor. It’s mainly used for video conferencing and presentation. For a laptop, you can mirror to videowall for effective presentation.

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Video wall Installation – Audio Visual Project

Here’s a recent video wall installation. A video wall is a setup of multiple monitors in order to form one large screen. At Smart Tech Hawaii, we can assure you with the best price.

For setup to planning, we will help you along the way to meet your goals. Video wall is great for in store marketing, conference room and also for event presentation.

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