Audio Visual (AV) Installation – Kahala Area

Project: Home Theater & Access Point

Customer approached us initially to install 60′ LED TV and surround sounds. We install a 5.1 Bose systems in the house and as we move along, customer asked us to expand their Wifi systems as their signal are very limited.

We install 4 Wifi extender to accommodate all the dead spot. Now customer can enjoy their home Wifi any corner of their house. For free consultation, call 808-270-5034.

Audio Video Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Project: Audio Visual Install

Here’s another audio video installation that was completed recently. It’s very important for Audio Video rack to be neat on the rack.

There are so many controls, Cabling and equipment normally on a AV rack. On this picture, we are showing how neat our work compare to others. The person who in charge of this AV rack will probably need to be doing some adjusting about 3x per day and if the systems are not neat and labeled, it might cause some confusion.

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Sports Bar Audio Visual Installation

Opening a Sports Bar or Restaurant takes a lot of work. It’s very important to have the right Audio Video setup.

When a customer comes to your restaurant or sports bar, above all else they are seeking an enjoyable experience. Audio and Video play a big part of that experience and it’s important to invest to have the best possible sounds system for your customers to keep coming back.

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Structured Cabling Contractor – Video Coax Wiring Installation

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Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Here’s Video (RG6) Cabling Installation we just completed in one of the care home in Honolulu. The wiring is dress neatly with amplified splitter.

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