Structured Cabling Installation – Downtown Hawaii

Project: Cat6 Cabling Installation

Here’s one of the project we have completed last week. We installed a new wall mounted rack and used Hubell rack and cable management as a request by the customer.

We installed 44 Cat6 lines all over the offices and used a short patch cable with wire manager to hide the wires to achieve a clean look.

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Network Cabling Installation – Honolulu Hawaii

Project: Cabling Clean Up

Here’s another project we just completed in the heart of downtown Honolulu. We have installed a new rack along with cable managers to clean up the wiring on this office.

To accomplish this clean look, we look had to change the patch cord to smaller length in order to lessen extra cables inside the cable manager.

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Office Cabling Installation – Aiea Hawaii

Project: Data Cabling Installation

Here’s a project we are working on today. A client is moving in to their new office and contacted us to install new Network Cabling. We have pulled all the wires into the work station and now we are beginning to dress the cable and terminate.

A typical office Cabling job can be completed between 1-3 days depending on how big the Cabling project. We used a fluke cable analyzer to ensure the Cabling passed the industry standard.

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New Construction or Renovation – Cabling Install

Project: Audio Video & Network Cabling Install

Take a sneak peak on this newly construction project that we are part of. Before any construction gets completed, Cabling needs to pre-pull before walls & ceiling closure.

Our company is capable of pulling all necessary low voltage Cabling. If you have any upcoming projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us to help you with your project.

Data Cabling Clean-up : Honolulu, Hawaii

Project: Structured Cabling Rack Cleanup

Here’s another project that we got called upon to clean an existing cable rack. Most of the messy cable rack we’ve seen have something in common. Most of these Network rack had patch cords that is too long. Longer patch cord will cause a messy rack.

We change the patch cords and organize all the wires. As a result, now see a better and clean looking rack. If you’re Network rack need a clean-up, please book an appointment for free consultation.

Audio Video Installation – Honolulu, Hawaii

Project: Audio Visual Install

Here’s another audio video installation that was completed recently. It’s very important for Audio Video rack to be neat on the rack.

There are so many controls, Cabling and equipment normally on a AV rack. On this picture, we are showing how neat our work compare to others. The person who in charge of this AV rack will probably need to be doing some adjusting about 3x per day and if the systems are not neat and labeled, it might cause some confusion.

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License Plate Recognition Camera Installation

Project: Security Camera Installation

Customer contacted us to install LPR also known as License Plate Recognition Camera. There have been numerous break-in on their street so they have decided enough is enough and they are motivated to catch the culprit on taking the 1st step to catch the License Plate of all the cars that goes in and out on their street.

A license plate camera is a special camera that can catch License Plate from a moving car whether during the day or night. Most of the customers are thinking putting a camera is enough. All cameras are not created equal. There are smart cameras on the market that can help deter or stop burglary from happening by receiving real time alerts.

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Computer / Phone Cabling Installation – Kapolei, Hawaii

Project: Structured Cabling Installation

Here’s a project that was done recently. Client moved to a new office in Kapolei and in need of new Cabling Installation for their phones/computer. As usual, this project was completed in 2 days.

  • Backboard Installation
  • Network Wall Rack Install
  • Pulling New Cat6 Cabling from work station to Network rack.
  • Termination and labeling of faceplate and patch panel.
  • Certified testing using Fluke Analyzer.
  • For free estimate or consultation, please call 808-270-5034.
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