Home Theater Installation – Waikele Area

Project: Install Big Screen TV

Here’s another happy customer picture taken after the installation. As usual, client found us on the internet and called us to make an appointment to install his big screen TV.

The installation took less than hour. Our seasoned technician can mount your TV with the best price in Hawaii. Contact us now to make an appointment.

Data Cabling Installation – Waikiki Office

Project: Network Cabling Installation

Here’s a recent cabling project that was completed in the Waikiki area. As usual, we have pulled all the cabling from workstation through patch panel.

At the conclusion of this project, we connected a short patch cord from patch panel to switches to achieve that clean look. Many IT have the habits of just plugging in all type of patch cord length. Overtime, installing all this unorganized patch cord result in what people called spaghetti mess.

For free consultation, please book an appointment for scheduling.

Audio Visual, Point of Sale Network Cabling & Security Camera

Project: Quicksilver

Location: Waikoloa, Hawaii

This project was very fun not only we got to travel but we got to do everything from this store. We installed speakers, video wall, network cabling & Security Camera.

We are one stop shop that capable of doing every low voltage on the list. For free estimate and consultation, call 808-270-5034.

Home Security – Diamond Head

Project: Home Security Camera

With the rising numbers of homeless population in Hawaii, there are good apples and bad apples. Apparently, client woke up one morning with uninvited guest sleeping on the grass at the front yard.

Client contacted us to come with a solution to record events and send alerts via email whenever there’s a trespasser on their property.


– Installed 4 smart HIK Vision USA cameras with smart detection. With the new Smart Features, Camera can detect a human face and send alert immediately to client. This could deter a potential burglaries due to real time alert. Client can notify police before more potential incident happen.

Data Cabling Installation – Aiea Hawaii

Project: Here is the rack that is completed and ready for the equipment to be installed. Please don’t mind the spaghetti as the fire alarm Tech don’t know what’s the final setup would be.

There was some issue and delays on this project on unforeseen events but gladly it all turned out well at the end.

For free consultation and estimate, call 808-270-5034.

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