Access Point – Wifi Wireless Installation

Here’s a fun project that needed a scissor lift to accomplish. We were assigned to install multiple access point at this Auditorium. Team up with customer’s IT, we accomplished having a full signal on every corner of this Auditorium.

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Security Camera Installation – Commercial Property

One of our latest project is located near King Street and Aala Park. There have been numerous reports of robbery and assault on this area. Owner decided to have Smart Tech assist them with their camera project.

As you can see, the placement of this camera is not too high nor to low in order to identify potential evidence. With the help of picture capture, the picture will be able to blow up on 1080p resolution.

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Hawaii Audio Visual Installation

Smart Tech will mount traditional projector and projector screen but why not step up the technology with highly versatile video wall.

Smart Tech Hawaii programs in house and will allow your conference room, training room and board room to be controlled with an iPad. Let us help you with 2018 budget. Contact us for free Estimate today.

Security Camera Installation

Most people assumed that mounting the camera really high near the ceiling of a property is ideal as the camera is more discreet.While mounting the camera this high is actually easier, this is something we often advise against.

We recommend mounting them from 7ft – 8ft. Installing the security camera above 8ft is like shooting on top of someone’s head which is not helpful to recognize the person’s face.

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Are you moving office?

Moving an office could be very stressful. One important aspect is planning the cabling infrastructure which is the backbone of any office.

Here’s some of the questions that need answer before starting any office cabling installation:

Will the phone system be VoIP? If it isn’t already, is it advantageous to consider changing it as you move to the new location?

Will you be patching PCs and laptops directly from your VoIP phones, or from the faceplate?

How many cables are needed at the various premises locations? Consider requirements for typical offices (usually one faceplate with two or three jacks), executive offices (often has two or three faceplates, each with one or more jacks), cubicles, wireless access points, conference tables, and training rooms.

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